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#!/usr/bin/env python
import os.path as P
import logging
import itertools, shutil, re, errno, sys, os, stat
from os import makedirs, remove, listdir, chmod, symlink, readlink, link
from collections import namedtuple
from BinaryBuilder import get_platform, run, hash_file, binary_builder_prefix,\
from tempfile import mkdtemp, NamedTemporaryFile
from glob import glob
from functools import partial, wraps
global logger
logger = logging.getLogger()
def is_binary(filename):
ret = run('file', filename, output=True)
return (ret.find('ELF') != -1) or (ret.find('Mach-O') != -1)
def doctest_on(os):
def outer(f):
def inner(*args, **kw): return f(*args, **kw)
if get_platform().os != os:
inner.__doc__ = '%s is only supported on %s' % (inner.__name__, os)
return inner
return outer
def default_baker(filename, distdir, searchpath):
if not is_binary(filename): return
set_rpath(filename, distdir, searchpath)
class DistManager(object):
def __init__(self, tarname):
self.tarname = tarname
self.tempdir = mkdtemp(prefix='dist')
self.distdir = Prefix(P.join(self.tempdir, self.tarname))
self.distlist = set()
self.deplist = dict()
def remove_tempdir(self):
shutil.rmtree(self.tempdir, True)
def add_executable(self, inpath, wrapper_file='', keep_symlink=True):
''' 'inpath' should be a file. This will add the executable to libexec/
and the wrapper script to bin/ (with the basename of the exe) '''
logger.debug('attempting to add %s' % inpath)
base = P.basename(inpath)
if P.islink(inpath):
self._add_file(inpath, self.distdir.bin(base))
elif base.endswith(".py"):
self._add_file(inpath, self.distdir.bin(base))
self._add_file(inpath, self.distdir.libexec(base))
self._add_file(wrapper_file, self.distdir.bin(base))
def add_library(self, inpath, symlinks_too=True, add_deps=True):
''' 'symlinks_too' means follow all symlinks, and add what they point
to. 'add_deps' means scan the library and add its required dependencies
to deplist.'''
logger.debug('attempting to add %s' % inpath)
for p in snap_symlinks(inpath) if symlinks_too else [inpath]:
# This pulls out only the filename for the library. We
# don't preserve the subdirs underneath 'lib'. This make
# later rpath code easier to understand.
lib = P.normpath(p).split('/')[-1]
self._add_file(p, self.distdir.lib(lib), add_deps=add_deps)
def add_glob(self, pattern, prefix, require_match=True):
''' Add a pattern to the tree. pattern must be relative to an
installroot, provided in 'prefix' '''
pat = P.join(prefix, pattern)
inpaths = glob(pat)
if require_match:
assert len(inpaths) > 0, 'No matches for glob pattern %s' % pat
[self.add_smart(i, prefix) for i in inpaths]
def add_smart(self, inpath, prefix):
''' Looks at the relative path, and calls the correct add_* function '''
if not P.isabs(inpath):
inpath = P.abspath(P.join(prefix, inpath))
assert P.commonprefix([inpath, prefix]) == prefix, 'path[%s] must be within prefix[%s]' % (inpath, prefix)
relpath = P.relpath(inpath, prefix)
if P.isdir(inpath):
for d in listdir(P.join(prefix, inpath)):
self.add_smart(P.relpath(P.join(prefix, inpath, d), prefix), prefix)
elif relpath.startswith('bin/'):
elif relpath.startswith('lib/'):
self._add_file(inpath, self.distdir.base(relpath))
def add_directory(self, src, dst=None, hardlink=False):
''' Recursively add a directory. Will do it dumbly! No magic here. '''
if dst is None: dst = self.distdir
mergetree(src, dst, partial(self._add_file, hardlink=hardlink, add_deps=False))
def remove_deps(self, seq):
''' Filter deps out of the deplist '''
[self.deplist.pop(k, None) for k in seq]
def resolve_deps(self, nocopy, copy, search = None):
''' Find as many of the currently-listed deps as possible. If the dep
is found in one of the 'copy' dirs, copy it (without deps) to the dist.'''
if search is None:
search = list(itertools.chain(nocopy, copy))
logger.debug('Searching: %s' % (search,))
logger.debug('Dependency list--------------------------------------')
for lib in self.deplist:
logger.debug(' %s' % lib)
found = set()
for lib in self.deplist:
for searchdir in search:
checklib = P.join(searchdir, lib)
if P.exists(checklib):
logger.debug('\tFound: %s' % checklib)
if searchdir in copy:
self.add_library(checklib, add_deps=False)
def create_file(self, relpath, mode='w'):
return file(self.distdir.base(relpath), mode)
def bake(self, searchpath, baker = default_baker):
logger.debug('Baking list------------------------------------------')
for filename in self.distlist:
logger.debug(' %s' % filename)
for filename in self.distlist:
baker(filename, self.distdir, searchpath)
[remove(i) for i in run('find', self.distdir, '-name', '.*', '-print0').split('\0') if len(i) > 0 and i != '.' and i != '..']
[chmod(file, 0755) for file in glob(self.distdir.libexec('*')) + glob(self.distdir.bin('*'))]
def make_tarball(self, include = (), exclude = (), name = None):
''' exclude takes priority over include '''
if name is None: name = '%s.tar.bz2' % self.tarname
if isinstance(include, basestring):
include = [include]
if isinstance(exclude, basestring):
exclude = [exclude]
cmd = ['tar', 'cf', name, '--use-compress-prog=pbzip2']
cmd += ['-C', P.dirname(self.distdir)]
if include:
cmd += ['--no-recursion']
for i in include:
cmd += ['-T', i]
for e in exclude:
cmd += ['-X', e]
cmd.append(self.tarname)'Creating tarball %s' % name)
def find_filter(self, *filter, **kw):
dir = kw.get('dir', self.tarname)
cwd = kw.get('cwd', P.dirname(self.distdir))
cmd = ['find', dir] + list(filter)
out = run(*cmd, cwd=cwd)
files = NamedTemporaryFile()
return files
def _add_file(self, src, dst, hardlink=False, keep_symlink=True, add_deps=True):
dst = P.abspath(dst)
assert not P.relpath(dst, self.distdir).startswith('..'), \
'destination %s must be within distdir[%s]' % (dst, self.distdir)
copy(src, dst, keep_symlink=keep_symlink, hardlink=hardlink)
if add_deps and is_binary(dst):
def copy(src, dst, hardlink=False, keep_symlink=True):
assert not P.isdir(src), 'Source path must not be a dir'
assert not P.isdir(dst), 'Destination path must not be a dir'
if keep_symlink and P.islink(src):
assert not P.isabs(readlink(src)), 'Cannot copy symlink that points to an absolute path (%s)' % src
logger.debug('%8s %s -> %s' % ('symlink', src, dst))
if P.exists(dst):
assert readlink(dst) == readlink(src), 'Refusing to retarget already-exported symlink %s' % dst
symlink(readlink(src), dst)
if P.exists(dst):
assert hash_file(src) == hash_file(dst), 'Refusing to overwrite already exported dst %s' % dst
if hardlink:
link(src, dst)
logger.debug('%8s %s -> %s' % ('hardlink', src, dst))
except OSError, o:
if o.errno != errno.EXDEV: # Invalid cross-device link, not an error, fall back to copy
logger.debug('%8s %s -> %s' % ('copy', src, dst))
shutil.copy2(src, dst)
def readelf(filename):
''' Run readelf on a file
>>> readelf('/lib/') # doctest:+ELLIPSIS
readelf(needed=['ld-linux-...'], soname='', rpath=[])
>>> readelf('/bin/ls') # doctest:+ELLIPSIS
readelf(needed=[..., ''], soname=None, rpath=[])
Ret = namedtuple('readelf', 'needed soname rpath')
r = re.compile(' \((.*?)\).*\[(.*?)\]')
needed = []
soname = None
rpath = []
for line in run('readelf', '-d', filename, output=True).split('\n'):
m =
if m:
if == 'NEEDED': needed.append(
elif == 'SONAME': soname =
elif == 'RPATH' : rpath =':')
return Ret(needed, soname, rpath)
def ldd(filename):
''' Run ldd on a file
>>> ldd('/lib/')
>>> ldd('/bin/ls') # doctest:+ELLIPSIS
{..., '': '/lib/'}
libs = {}
r = re.compile('^\s*(\S+) => (\S+)')
for line in run('ldd', filename, output=True).split('\n'):
m =
if m:
libs[] = (None if == 'not' else
return libs
def otool(filename):
''' Run otool on a binary
>>> otool('/usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib')
otool(soname='libSystem.B.dylib', sopath='/usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib', libs={'libmathCommon.A.dylib': '/usr/lib/system/libmathCommon.A.dylib'})
>>> otool('/bin/ls')
otool(soname=None, sopath=None, libs={'libSystem.B.dylib': '/usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib', 'libncurses.5.4.dylib': '/usr/lib/libncurses.5.4.dylib'})
Ret = namedtuple('otool', 'soname sopath libs')
r = re.compile('^\s*(\S+)')
lines = run('otool', '-L', filename, output=True).split('\n')
libs = {}
out = filter(lambda x: len(x.strip()), run('otool', '-D', filename, output=True).split('\n'))
assert len(out) > 0, 'Empty output for otool -D %s' % filename
assert len(out) < 3, 'Unexpected otool output: %s' % out
this_soname = None
this_sopath = None
if len(out) == 2:
this_sopath = out[1]
this_soname = P.basename(this_sopath)
for i in range(1, len(lines)):
m =[i])
if m:
sopath =
if this_sopath is not None and this_sopath == sopath:
fidx = sopath.rfind('.framework')
if fidx >= 0:
soname = sopath[sopath.rfind('/', 0, fidx)+1:]
soname = P.basename(sopath)
libs[soname] = sopath
return Ret(soname=this_soname, sopath=this_sopath, libs=libs)
def required_libs(filename):
''' Returns a dict where the keys are required SONAMEs and the values are proposed full paths. '''
def linux():
soname = set(readelf(filename).needed)
return dict((k,v) for k,v in ldd(filename).iteritems() if k in soname)
def osx():
return otool(filename).libs
return locals()[get_platform().os]()
def grep(regex, filename):
ret = []
rx = re.compile(regex)
with file(filename, 'r') as f:
for line in f:
m =
if m:
return ret
class Prefix(str):
def __new__(cls, directory):
return str.__new__(cls, P.normpath(directory))
def base(self, *args):
return P.join(self, *args)
def __getattr__(self, name):
def f(*args):
args = [name] + list(args)
return self.base(*args)
return f
def rm_f(filename):
''' An rm that doesn't care if the file isn't there '''
except OSError, o:
if o.errno != errno.ENOENT: # Don't care if it wasn't there
def mkdir_f(dirname):
''' A mkdir -p that does not care if the dir is there '''
except OSError, o:
if o.errno == errno.EEXIST and P.isdir(dirname):
def mergetree(src, dst, copyfunc):
"""Merge one directory into another.
The destination directory may already exist.
If exception(s) occur, an Error is raised with a list of reasons.
if not P.exists(dst):
errors = []
for name in listdir(src):
srcname = P.join(src, name)
dstname = P.join(dst, name)
if P.isdir(srcname):
mergetree(srcname, dstname, copyfunc)
copyfunc(srcname, dstname)
except shutil.Error, err:
except EnvironmentError, why:
errors.append((srcname, dstname, str(why)))
shutil.copystat(src, dst)
except OSError, why:
errors.extend((src, dst, str(why)))
if errors:
raise shutil.Error, errors
def strip(filename):
flags = None
def linux():
typ = run('file', filename, output=True)
if typ.find('current ar archive') != -1:
return ['-g']
elif typ.find('SB executable') != -1 or typ.find('SB shared object') != -1:
return ['--strip-unneeded', '-R', '.comment']
elif typ.find('SB relocatable') != -1:
return ['--strip-unneeded']
return None
def osx():
return ['-S']
flags = locals()[get_platform().os]()
run('strip', *flags)
def save_elf_debug(filename):
debug = '%s.debug' % filename
run('objcopy', '--only-keep-debug', filename, debug)
run('objcopy', '--add-gnu-debuglink=%s' % debug, filename)
except Exception:
logger.warning('Failed to split debug info for %s' % filename)
if P.exists(debug):
def set_rpath(filename, toplevel, searchpath, relative_name=True):
assert not any(map(P.isabs, searchpath)), 'set_rpath: searchpaths must be relative to distdir (was given %s)' % (searchpath,)
def linux():
rel_to_top = P.relpath(toplevel, P.dirname(filename))
rpath = [P.join('$ORIGIN', rel_to_top, path) for path in searchpath]
if run('chrpath', '-r', ':'.join(rpath), filename, raise_on_failure = False) is None:
logger.warn('Failed to set_rpath on %s' % filename)
def osx():
info = otool(filename)
# soname is None for an executable
if info.soname is not None:
info.libs[info.soname] = info.sopath
# If we are not using relative paths .. always fix the install name.
if not relative_name:
run('install_name_tool', '-id',
filename, filename)
logger.debug("Trying to Bake %s" % filename)
logger.debug("Info sopath %s" % info.sopath)
logger.debug("Toplevel var %s" % toplevel)
logger.debug("Possible search path %s" % searchpath)
for soname, sopath in info.libs.iteritems():
logger.debug("Soname %s Sopath %s" % (soname, sopath))
# /tmp/build/install/lib/libvwCore.5.dylib
# base = libvwCore.5.dylib
# looks for @executable_path/../lib/libvwCore.5.dylib
# /opt/local/libexec/qt4-mac/lib/QtXml.framework/Versions/4/QtXml
# base = QtXml.framework/Versions/4/QtXml
# looks for @executable_path/../lib/QtXml.framework/Versions/4/QtXml
# OSX rpath points to one specific file, not anything that matches the
# library SONAME. We've already done a whitelist check earlier, so
# ignore it if we can't find the lib we want
# XXX: This code carries an implicit assumption that all
# executables are one level below the root (because
# @executable_path is always the exe path, not the path of the
# current binary like $ORIGIN in linux)
for rpath in searchpath:
if P.exists(P.join(toplevel, rpath, soname)):
new_path = P.join('@rpath', soname)
# If the entry is the "self" one, it has to be
# changed differently
if info.sopath == sopath:
if relative_name:
run('install_name_tool', '-id', new_path, filename)
run('install_name_tool', '-change', sopath, new_path, filename)
if len(info.libs):
for rpath in searchpath:
if run('install_name_tool','-add_rpath',P.join('@executable_path','..',rpath), filename,
raise_on_failure = False) is None:
logger.warn('Failed to add rpath on %s' % filename)
if run('install_name_tool','-add_rpath',P.join('@loader_path','..',rpath), filename,
raise_on_failure = False) is None:
logger.warn('Failed to add rpath on %s' % filename)
def snap_symlinks(src):
assert not P.isdir(src), 'Cannot chase symlinks on a directory'
if not P.islink(src):
return [src]
return [src] + snap_symlinks(P.join(P.dirname(src), readlink(src)))
def fix_install_paths(installdir, arch):
# After unpacking a set of pre-built binaries, in given directory,
# fix any paths to point to the current directory.
print('Fixing paths in libtool control files, etc.')
control_files = glob(P.join(installdir,'include','*config.h')) + \
glob(P.join(installdir,'lib','*.la')) + \
glob(P.join(installdir,'lib','*.prl')) + \
glob(P.join(installdir,'lib','*', '*.pc')) + \
glob(P.join(installdir,'bin','*')) + \
glob(P.join(installdir,'mkspecs','*.pri')) + \
for control in control_files:
if os.path.isdir(control): continue
if is_binary(control): continue
print(' %s' % P.basename(control))
# ensure we can read and write (some files have odd permissions)
st = os.stat(control)
os.chmod(control, st.st_mode | stat.S_IREAD | stat.S_IWRITE)
# replace the temporary install directory with the one we're deploying to.
lines = []
with open(control,'r') as f:
lines = f.readlines()
with open(control,'w') as f:
for line in lines:
line = re.sub('[\/\.]+[\w\/\.\-]*?' + binary_builder_prefix() + '\w*[\w\/\.]*?/install', installdir, line)
f.write( line )
# Create (out of existing We need
# to force blas to show up before superlu when linking
# on Linux to avoid a bug with corruption when invoking lapack in
# a multi-threaded environment. A better long-term solution is
# needed.
superlu_la = installdir + '/lib/'
blas_la = installdir + '/lib/'
if arch.os == 'linux' and os.path.exists(superlu_la):
lines = []
with open(superlu_la,'r') as f:
lines = f.readlines()
with open(blas_la,'w') as f:
for line in lines:
line = re.sub('libsuperlu', 'libblas', line)
line = re.sub('dlname=\'.*?\'',
'dlname=\'\'', line)
line = re.sub('library_names=\'.+?\'',
'library_names=\'\'', line)
# Force blas to depend on superlu
line = re.sub('dependency_libs=\'.*?\'',
'dependency_libs=\' -L' + installdir
+ '/lib -lsuperlu -lm\'', line)
f.write( line )
library_ext = ["so"]
if arch.os == 'osx':
# Ensure installdir/bin is in the path, to be able to find chrpath, etc.
if "PATH" not in os.environ: os.environ["PATH"] = ""
os.environ["PATH"] = P.join(installdir, 'bin') + \
os.pathsep + os.environ["PATH"]
SEARCHPATH = [P.join(installdir,'lib'),
print('Fixing RPATHs')
for curr_path in SEARCHPATH:
for extension in library_ext:
for library in glob(P.join(curr_path,'*.'+extension+'*')):
if not is_binary(library):
print(' %s' % P.basename(library))
set_rpath(library, installdir, map(lambda path: P.relpath(path, installdir), SEARCHPATH), False)
print(' Failed %s' % P.basename(library))
print('Fixing Binaries')
for binary in glob(P.join(installdir,'bin','*')):
if not is_binary(binary):
print(' %s' % P.basename(binary))
set_rpath(binary, installdir, map(lambda path: P.relpath(path, installdir), SEARCHPATH), False)
print(' Failed %s' % P.basename(binary))
if __name__ == '__main__':
import doctest
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