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ZmqMessage is a C++ library for sending and receiving ZeroMQ multipart messages.

Main features:

    * Transparent interoperability between "simple" and "X" ZMQ endpoint types due to routing policies
    * Checking for multipart message consistency when receiving (if number of parts to be received is known in advance)
    * Using library as built-in (more configurable) or linking with shared library
    * Configurable to use application-specific logging and exception policies
    * Possibility to use user-supplied string-like classes to avoid copying
    * Supporting iterators, insert (<<) operator for outgoing messages and extract (>>) operator for incoming messages
    * Text (default) and binary modes for extraction/insertion/iteration of parts
    * Possibility for queueing messages for delayed sending if either blocking or dropping is unacceptable


License: ZmqMessage is free open source software licensed as LGPL.

Version: 0.1.

If you found a bug, please file an issue with your report:

If you have a suggestion or question, please contact:



$ mkdir build
$ cd build
//configure CMAKE: This command generates makefiles.
$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/install ..
//or just "cmake ..". /path/to/install by default is /usr/local
//or type "ccmake .." for more control, or when zeromq library is installed in non-standard places

//then just make and install:
$ make
$ make install
//or "sudo make install" depending on permissions

More advanced build options (ex. customizing exception types and string classes)
are described in documentation ("Build" section and "Linking Options" in "Tutorial" section).


Generating documentation:

Extensive documentation is generated by doxygen. (See
It contains not just API reference, but complete tutorial,
build instructions and linking options, multiple examples, and performance notes.
To generate doc just type:

$ doxygen

Then open doc/html/index.html with browser.

Enjoy :)