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Join queue Lua module for ET server
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Join queue Lua module for ET server

This module introduces a queue feature for ET servers. It lets players join the server and limit the number of players per team in the same time. Once the limit is reached, players are held in a queue (in order they have issued a team join command) and automatically put in the team they've chosen once there's a slot available.

Player can enter a queue by standard limbo menu and /team or referee command. That means that if ETAdmin is installed, !axis and !allies commands are automatically supported, as this internally leads to a server console ref command.


There are three independent queues - axis, allies and any. Player can join by /team r or /team b (and limbo menu/ETAdmin command) to axis and allies queues respectively. Issuing /team a (or ref putany in server console - you can set this to your ETAdmin for a !join command, by the way) means that the player will be put in axis or allies team - whichever becomes available first.

Player can issue /team a always - even if there's an empty slot in both teams. The module will put such player in a team with less players.

Additional parameters of team command (class, weapon, alt. weapon) are supported and restored on team join.

Player can leave the queue by joining the spectator team (/team s, limbo menu or !spec eventually). Any player can issue /queue command to find out who is currently in line.

Every time there's a change in the queue, all players affected will be notified in chat area.

Priority and overrides

Module supports shrubbot files. By default, shrubbot.cfg is read from mod directory, you can adjust the name using jq_shrubbot directive. Your shrubbot is supposed to define levels for players identified by GUID.

There are two directives affecting the queue - jq_level_priority and jq_level_override. Players with level equal and higher than jq_level_priority will always be put in front of the queue ahead of unprioritized players. Players with level equal and higher than jq_level_override will always be let to team and thus excluded from the queue completely.

Players connected using private password are always allowed to join a team anytime, just like with override level.


  • team_maxplayers [number] - number of players per team
  • jq_shrubbot [filename] - shrubbot file name (default: shrubbot.cfg)
  • jq_level_priority [number] - prioritized levels
  • jq_level_override [number] - overriding levels
  • jq_sound [filename] - sound file to be played after joining a team from queue (e. g.: sound/misc/skill_up.wav)
  • jq_introduction [text] - introduction message sent to player after joining a queue
  • jq_banner [text] - banner message informing the player about queuing feature
  • jq_banner_delay [number] - number of seconds before first banner (default: 10)
  • jq_banner_interval [number] - number of seconds between subsequent banners (default: 90)

Note that, internally, module changes team_maxplayers to 0 on game initialization and restores the original value on shutdown (end of round). This is a workaround for overrides and should cause no issues. However, make sure this cvar is not locked, that is, set it using set team_maxplayers n instead of setl team_maxplayers n.

If you use globalcombinedfixes.lua or any version of it, /team a or /team r <more arguments> command might not be working and issuing an invalid join command message instead. If this is the case, put joinqueue.lua before the globalcombinedfixes.lua, like this:

set lua_modules "joinqueue.lua globalcombined.lua"

This will make all commands working while preserving the exploit prevention.

Example configuration

set team_maxplayers 6
set jq_shrubbot shrubbot.cfg
set jq_level_priority 2
set jq_level_override 4
set jq_sound sound/misc/skill_up.wav
set jq_introduction "^7You have entered join queue. You will be automatically joined once a slot becomes available."
set jq_welcome "^7This server uses join queue. Join a team and wait!"
set jq_banner_delay 10
set jq_banner_interval 90

Made with ❤️ for Hirntot, thanks Harlekin for testing and advices.

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