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Voice Actions for Chrome

You talk, Chrome understands.  Voice Actions for Chrome.  An ear has a Chrome logo earring.

This is a Chrom* extension that functions similarly to the Google Voice Search app on Android 2.x. It allows users to search the web using speech input and can also interpret certain actions, such as navigating to a particular site.

Install the extension

A version of this extension is now available in the Chrome Web Store.

Previously, an up-to-date Chrome extension file was hosted with this repository. If you installed that version of the extension, it should automatically upgrade to the Chrome Web Store version, but you can also go to the Web Store and install the latest version manually.

Load the unpacked extension for development

  1. Clone the repository – git clone
  2. Open Chrome extension settings, enable developer mode, and select “Load unpacked”.
  3. Point to chrome-voice-actions/extension.


A Chrome extension that brings Voice Actions to Google Chrome. The extension is free, but please consider supporting development at



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