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ZNC is developed by these people:
Prozac <>
Jim Hull <>
Uli Schlachter <>
kroimon <>
Alexey "DarthGandalf" Sokolov
Kyle Fuller <>
These people, in no particular order, have helped develop ZNC, for example by
sending in patches, writing new modules or finding significant bugs:
Kuja <> - runs and pays for
toby <>
d4n13L <> - graphiX webadmin skin
Veit "Cru" Wahlich <>
Freman (
Sebastian Ramacher <>
cnu - master of destruction (security issues)
Ingmar "KiNgMaR" Runge <>
Michael "Svedrin" Ziegler <>
Robert Lacroix (
Martin "Nirjen" Martimeo <>
Reed Loden <>
Brian Campbell (
Joshua M. Clulow (
evaryont <>
Michael "adgar" Edgar <>
Jens-Andre "vain" Koch <>
If you did something useful and want to be listed here too, add yourself and submit the patch.
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