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2 parents 0f2265c + 256bd91 commit 0b8f9eec423de01162762c3edbb47ebc15eafdae Alexey Sokolov committed Feb 23, 2011
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4 Modules.h
@@ -824,8 +824,8 @@ class CModule {
const CModCommand* FindCommand(const CString& sCmd) const;
/** This function tries to dispatch the given command via the correct
* instance of CModCommand. Before this can be called, commands have to
- * be added via AddCommand(). If no "help" command is added, this
- * function will call HandleHelpCommand.
+ * be added via AddCommand(). If no matching commands are found then
+ * OnUnknownModCommand will be called.
* @param sLine The command line to handle.
* @return True if something was done, else false.

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