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update module description with something more useful. Additionally ad…

…ded explanation at the top of the header.
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1 parent 002b31d commit 4b1b346107d00eccaa16b80e94f26633168f8a35 Jim Hull committed Sep 12, 2011
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7 modules/extra/away.cpp
@@ -7,6 +7,11 @@
* Quiet Away and message logger
* Author: imaginos <>
+ *
+ * I originally wrote this module for when I had multiple clients connected to ZNC. I would leave work and forget to close my client, arriving at home
+ * and re-attaching there someone may have messaged me in commute and I wouldn't know it until I would arrive back at work the next day. I wrote it such that
+ * my xchat client would monitor desktop activity and ping the module to let it know I was active. Within a few minutes of inactivity the pinging stops and
+ * the away module sets the user as away and logging commences.
@@ -475,5 +480,5 @@ void CAwayJob::RunJob()
-NETWORKMODULEDEFS(CAway, "You don't need this module, ZNC works ok without it")
+NETWORKMODULEDEFS(CAway, "Adds auto-away functionality with logging, and subsequent notification of messages when reconnecting" );

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