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webadmin/add channel: Correctly handle channel names

The CChan constructor makes sure that the channel name begins with a valid
channel prefix. Thus, this could change the name of the resulting channel.

When you edited an irc network which already had a channel "#foo", were
connected to IRC (so ZNC knows which prefixes are valid) and added a channel
"foo", this would lead to a problem:

Webadmin checks and sees that there is no channel "foo" yet. Webadmin creates a
new CChan instance for "foo". The CChan constructor notices that "f" is not a
valid channel prefix and instead calls itself "#foo". Then,
CIRCNetwork::AddChan() would see that this channel already exists, delete the
given channel and return false.

However, webadmin didn't check this result and would continue changing settings
on an already destroyed CChan instance.

Fix this by checking if the channel exists after CChan had its chance to mess
with the channel name. Also handle failures from CIRCNetwork::AddChan().

Fixes #528.

Signed-off-by: Uli Schlachter <>
(cherry picked from commit 5e6e3be)
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commit 8756be513ab6663dcd64087006b257ff34e8e487 1 parent 03065ee
@psychon psychon authored DarthGandalf committed
Showing with 11 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +11 −5 modules/webadmin.cpp
16 modules/webadmin.cpp
@@ -667,13 +667,19 @@ class CWebAdminMod : public CModule {
return true;
- if (pNetwork->FindChan(sChanName.Token(0))) {
- WebSock.PrintErrorPage("Channel [" + sChanName.Token(0) + "] already exists");
+ // This could change the channel name and e.g. add a "#" prefix
+ pChan = new CChan(sChanName, pNetwork, true);
+ if (pNetwork->FindChan(pChan->GetName())) {
+ WebSock.PrintErrorPage("Channel [" + pChan->GetName() + "] already exists");
+ delete pChan;
return true;
- pChan = new CChan(sChanName, pNetwork, true);
- pNetwork->AddChan(pChan);
+ if (!pNetwork->AddChan(pChan)) {
+ WebSock.PrintErrorPage("Could not add channel [" + pChan->GetName() + "]");
+ return true;
+ }
pChan->SetBufferCount(WebSock.GetParam("buffercount").ToUInt(), spSession->IsAdmin());
@@ -699,7 +705,7 @@ class CWebAdminMod : public CModule {
CTemplate TmplMod;
TmplMod["User"] = pUser->GetUserName();
- TmplMod["ChanName"] = sChanName;
+ TmplMod["ChanName"] = pChan->GetName();
TmplMod["WebadminAction"] = "change";
FOR_EACH_MODULE(it, pNetwork) {
(*it)->OnEmbeddedWebRequest(WebSock, "webadmin/channel", TmplMod);
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