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CUser: remove some non-existant methods from the headers

These include:

- SendFile
- GetFile
- ResumeFile

Which were removed when DCC was moved out of the core
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1 parent 3a16fe5 commit 98d8e5e37e3ec3ebfbfb47c4316ee63b2a6db9f1 Kyle Fuller committed Jun 8, 2011
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  1. +0 −3 User.h
3 User.h
@@ -121,9 +121,6 @@ class CUser {
CString AddTimestamp(const CString& sStr) const;
CString& AddTimestamp(const CString& sStr, CString& sRet) const;
- bool SendFile(const CString& sRemoteNick, const CString& sFileName, const CString& sModuleName = "");
- bool GetFile(const CString& sRemoteNick, const CString& sRemoteIP, unsigned short uRemotePort, const CString& sFileName, unsigned long uFileSize, const CString& sModuleName = "");
- bool ResumeFile(unsigned short uPort, unsigned long uFileSize);
CString GetCurNick() const;
bool Clone(const CUser& User, CString& sErrorRet, bool bCloneChans = true);
void BounceAllClients();

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