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Currently it's always 3 elements: "ZNC", module name (even without links) and current module subpage.

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@DarthGandalf DarthGandalf added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 6, 2012
@DarthGandalf DarthGandalf Add network and user to Edit channel page in webadmin.
This really needs #227 instead

Hi DarthGandalf, could you explain further what you mean?

I'm a amateur C++ dev and I'm new to developing for ZNC so I'm somewhat in the dark about this


Hengjian (Henry) Jia

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[18 апр, 21:45:33] <DarthGandalf> navigate in webadmin, add some networks in user, add some channels
[18 апр, 21:45:43] <DarthGandalf> and look how ugly are the breadcrumbs onthe top of page
[18 апр, 21:46:16] <Henry_Jia_T60> how do I add networks?
[18 апр, 21:46:23] <Henry_Jia_T60> I can't see any buttons to do it?
[18 апр, 21:46:23] <MrC> Add a user first.
[18 апр, 21:46:25] <Henry_Jia_T60> or links
[18 апр, 21:46:34] <Henry_Jia_T60> I have added a user I think
[18 апр, 21:46:39] <DarthGandalf> Your Settings, or List users
[18 апр, 21:46:41] <MrC> Then go to that user's settings. Or, logout and log back in as that new user.
[18 апр, 21:47:11] <Henry_Jia_T60> found it
[18 апр, 21:48:39] <Henry_Jia_T60> what's a breadcrumb though?
[18 апр, 21:49:31] <DarthGandalf> ZNC » webadmin » Edit Network [xx] of User [xx]
[18 апр, 21:49:47] <DarthGandalf> That line
[18 апр, 21:50:15] <DarthGandalf> The message "Edit Network [xx] of User [xx]" is hardcoded for the network page
[18 апр, 21:50:26] <DarthGandalf> There is another hardcoded message for the channel page, etc.
[18 апр, 21:50:26] <Henry_Jia_T60> ok
[18 апр, 21:50:44] <Henry_Jia_T60> so basically you want me to edit how the page looks?
[18 апр, 21:50:55] <DarthGandalf> That too
[18 апр, 21:51:03] <DarthGandalf> It's some C++ and some HTML
[18 апр, 21:51:39] <Henry_Jia_T60> Yea, me and my friend should beable to do that, I got 5 years of C++ and he's got quite a bit of HTML :)
[18 апр, 21:52:14] <DarthGandalf> and there's a homegrown template language around html
[18 апр, 21:52:18] <Henry_Jia_T60> what do you exactly want me to change it too?
[18 апр, 21:52:20] <Henry_Jia_T60> ok
[18 апр, 21:52:57] <DarthGandalf> e.g. ZNC » webadmin » user [xx] » network [xx]
[18 апр, 21:53:56] <DarthGandalf> Henry_Jia_T60: the problem is that in different skins that may look differently
[18 апр, 21:54:03] <Henry_Jia_T60> ok
[18 апр, 21:54:07] <DarthGandalf> e.g. character » itself
[18 апр, 21:54:42] <DarthGandalf> So I thought about making it an array, and the template file loops over that array to put elements of it how it should look like in the skin
[18 апр, 21:54:58] <DarthGandalf> skins are defined by templates
[18 апр, 21:55:02] <Henry_Jia_T60> ok
[18 апр, 21:55:53] <Henry_Jia_T60> I don't understand all of that, but anyway, Igotta go now, I'll copy and paste this IRC converstaion into a file and save it so me and my friend can use it to give us a guideline on what we need to and should do
[18 апр, 21:56:40] <DarthGandalf> Henry_Jia_T60: and those messages should actually contain some <a>
[18 апр, 21:56:53] <DarthGandalf> Now it's only informative, not any interactive
[18 апр, 22:09:44] <DarthGandalf> Henry_Jia_T60: btw, "Home / Projects / ZNC / Use an array for web breadcrumbs" is good example of breadcrumbs on bountysource site itself
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