Change license to Apache 2.0 #311

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Referring to the mail of @DarthGandalf znc is now trying to switch to Apache 2.0-license. To keep easily and public track of who allready agreeed to change this issue is made.


I do agree to change.

#218 could be closed - I guess

Please reply with 👍 if you agree to relicense your work.



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Some people who contributed code during SVN are not listed there...

znc member



👍 I agree to the license change.


👍 I agree


My two commits: c9ac8f5 2db7307

I agree to the license change.


👍 I agree too. I almost forgot about my little 73f794c :s


(not a contributor, just a user)
Why the change? I approve of choosing not to use GPL.


BSD is my preferred license, but regardless of what you choose, you can relicense my contributions under it.


If Bootstrap is something influencing you to make the change, you should note that Bootstrap could be changing over to MIT: twbs/bootstrap#2054


👍 I'm not a contributor but I approve of this whole-heartedly. Congrats on becoming even more open! :D


👍 Agree to the license change, contributor to DH-AES. Consider my code's copyright permanently transferred to the members of the ZNC team.






Here is a list of commits from @DarthGandalf by authors who have not yet agreed to the license change

5512ed2 - seems replaced in master (010 numeric)
960a449 - seems replaced in master (010 numeric)
f70f108 - still current (trivial change, typo fix)
4ca8b50 - still current (trivial change, vector -> std::vector)
0f739de - rewritten in 99895c7 (timestamps in -D)
7f53cc8 - seems replaced in master (SslPemFile/SSLCertFile config option)

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[10:09:35] <LeftWing> I totally agree to whatever. :)

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[31 мая, 18:52:33] <cnu-> just relicense it then
[31 мая, 18:52:35] <cnu-> i dont care

Why not use for the future ....

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@Un1matr1x it makes sense for new projects... And for this we'll need to gather all those votes again...

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Also, hopefully, license won't need be changed anymore :P

znc member

Author of a9ba402 (Michael J Edgar) was finally reached too.

znc member

Oh, 👍 too, btw :)

@DarthGandalf DarthGandalf added a commit that closed this issue Jun 13, 2013
@DarthGandalf DarthGandalf Change ZNC license to Apache 2.0
The following people agreed with the change, in alphabetical order:
(people who approved in several ways are listed only once)
By email:
- Adam (from Anope)
- Austin Morton
- Brian Campbell
- Christian Walde
- Daniel Holbert
- Daniel Wallace
- Falk Seidel
- Heiko Hund
- Ingmar Runge
- Jim Hull
- Kyle Fuller
- Lee Aylward
- Martin Martimeo
- Matt Harper
- Michael J Edgar
- Michael Ziegler
- Nick Bebout
- Paul Driver
- Perry Nguyen
- Philippe (cycomate)
- Reuben Morais
- Roland Hieber
- Sebastian Ramacher
- Stefan Rado
- Stéphan Kochen
- Thomas Ward
- Toon Schoenmakers
- Veit Wahlich
- Wulf C. Krueger

- Jonas Gorski
- Joshua M. Clulow
- Prozac/SHiZNO
- SilverLeo
- Uli Schlachter

At #311 :
- Alexey Sokolov
- Elizabeth Myers
- flakes
- Jens-Andre Koch
- Jyzee
- KindOne/ineedalifetoday
- Lee Williams
- Mantas Mikulėnas
- md-5
- Reed Loden

At the last few pull requests' comments:
- Allan Odgaard
- Jacob Baines
- Lluís Batlle i Rossell
- ravomavain
- protomouse

The following commits' authors didn't respond:
Trivial changes:
- f70f108
- 4ca8b50

The changes which are not presented in master anymore:
- 5512ed2
- 960a449
- 0f739de
- 7f53cc8

Fix #311
Fix #218

Now we just need a JSON api so I can make a sexy web interface

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