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The fakeonline module makes Colloquy much happier with ZNC. As mentioned in 7f8fbc2 consider this as a potential resurrection.

Sorry for the previous pull request. Did this work on a new laptop and didn't have my github name set up.


kylef commented Mar 28, 2012

Updated fakeonline module to be User centric rather than Network centric

So why is it still a network module?


kylef commented Mar 28, 2012

This module will not build on znc git. Looks like it is designed for 0.204.

The fakeonline module makes Colloquy much happier with ZNC.

The fakeonline doesn't work with colloquy because colloquy uses WATCH instead of ISON (which fakeonline fakes).

tm1000 commented Apr 1, 2012

My version of colloguy uses ISON and fakeonline always used to work. Regardless it doesnt matter to me if this 'module' works or not. Keep up the great work kylef

ISON *stickychan 303: ISON ChanServ 303: ChanServ

You are correct. This was built for 0.204 from the src distribution (not from Git), and I'm currently using it successfully with both Colloquy and Adium. If you think it's worthwhile, I can rebase and send another pull request.

tm1000 commented Apr 1, 2012

If you are on .204 there is more work than just rebasing it to get it to work on .207. Which is why kylef said it's not a user module

I meant rebasing the patch onto .204, as I submitted it at HEAD inadvertently. I'm fine with just leaving it in my fork, since it doesn't look like there's much demand for it.

zadr commented Apr 3, 2012

Just to clarify a point from earlier in discussion: if a server claims to support WATCH in its 005 messages, Colloquy will use WATCH to keep track of users. However, WATCH is not in any IRC RFC, and therefore, isn't guaranteed (not that being in the RFC guarantees support..) to be supported by servers. In those cases, Colloquy will fall back to using ISON instead (which has been in the RFC since 1459 and is supported pretty much everywhere).

tm1000 commented Apr 3, 2012

thanks @zadr makes sense why @kylef said it uses watch instead of ison.


kylef commented Aug 12, 2012

Closing since this doesn't work and no updates in 5 months.

@kylef kylef closed this Aug 12, 2012

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