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Welcome to k20 - Kismet to OSC
lorenz schori
alejo duque
k20 is in early development state and it's far from complete. see BUGS and TODO
list for more info.
k20 is a bridge between the wireless network detector kismet and the open sound
control protocol. currently it consists of two programs: k2orec acts as a
kismet client. it connects to a kismet server via tcp and logs the output to a
textfile. the file consists of a timestamp and an osc-message per line. k2oplay
reads this file and sends the messages to the specified osc-targets. k20 is
written in c and only depends on liblo, the lightweight OSC implementation. k20
runs on macos x (see BUGS) and linux. other platforms are not tested.
k20 Homepage:
OSC Homepage:
Kismet Homepage:
- install newest liblo either using your package manager or from source.
- cd into k2o source folder
- run ./configure
- run make
- optionally run make install
- if you encounter errors try to run autoreconf -i
run k2orec and redirect the standard output to a file. optionally you can
specify the address of the kismet server on the command line using the -k
option. run k2oplay with outputfile of k2orec as the first parameter followed
by a variable list of osc-targets (i.e. osc.udp://localhost:12345). with the -p
option you can specify an udp port on which k2oplay will listen for incomming
osc-messages which let you control k20 remotely:
- /k2o/setrate <newrate> sets the playbackrate to the float value newrate.
0.0 - stop, 1.0 play in normal speed.
- /k2o/setpos <newpos> not implemented yet.
- due to a bug in liblo k2oplay does not send propper osc-messages on macos x
- k2orec does not handle ssids containing spaces correctly.
kismet2osc is free software. Please see the file COPYING for details.