An application helps registering all found models (from installed apps) to the admin area
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#Django Quick Admin

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django-quickadmin is a Django application which automatically registers all models found in INSTALLED_APPS of settings module.

Notice: All models registered to admin via normal method (inside will not be affected by this application, they will always show up.


The installation process is simple just like most of Django applications, just using pip then updating INSTALLED_APPS.

pip install django-quickadmin

Locate INSTALLED_APPS inside settings file, and put 'quickadmin' there.


Please be sure that 'django.contrib.admin' is present, otherwise Django will throw error at starting

There you are, just restart the Django instance and visit admin page to see all custom models appeared and ready to be managed.


The application also support very few of customizations, all are placed inside the settings module.

  • QADMIN_EXCLUDES - List of applications or models which will be bypassed/hidden in admin area. In the case below, all undeclared models of my_first_app and the model my_second_app.JustOneModel will be excluded.

  • QADMIN_EXCLUDE_STOCK - Option for excluding default/stock applications of Django or not (default = True).

      QADMIN_EXCLUDE_STOCK = False    # models of applications like: south, contenttypes,.. will be shown