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V-USB Joystick Example

This project is derived from the Since original ZX joystick firmware is gone ( - this one will be a good illustration to connect simple joystick to ARCAdaptor USB.

Changes introduced:

  • Pins moved to PORTB completely to avoid conflicts with existing USB connection (PD0/PD2)
  • Amount of buttons reduced to 2 (instead of 8), since, well it's not easy to find ZX joystick with more than 2 buttons :)
  • USB stack updated to latest version.

Pinout of ARCAdaptor/ATMega connection

Up - X1-3/PB4

Down - X1-1/PB5

Left - X2-13/PB2

Right - X2-15/PB3

Fire1 - X2-5/PB0

Fire2 - X2-11/PB1

Don't forget to connect GND

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