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Run linux on crappy Win10 Atom tablets

ISORespin-based generator of Linux Mint images for crappy Atom Windows 10 Tablets.


Tested on:

  • Irbis TW52
  • Digma Citi 1804

However, if you have a tablet with Atom Z83xx, Silead touch and ES1836 sound -- it may work for you.

Tested with:

  • Linux Mint XFCE 19.03
  • Linux Mint Mate 19.03
  • Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.03 (here you may have issues with rotated desktop -- change rotation settings)
  • Generally any other distro, supported with linuxium iso respin should work.

Setting up


  • Ubuntu server or workstation x86 with command line
  • Git
  • Free space for downloaded + generated iso's and packages.


Clone this repo, cd to it.

Run ./ --check to check if must be updated. If it woes for update, get new one here.

Install needed packages for isorespin. Check pre-requisittes here -- you will need some iso tools, squashfs tools.

Download you ISO from official Linux mint site.

Edit with you your iso file name.


Launch and wait to generate a new ISO.

After several minutes it will be ready. Use simple "dd" command to write this ISO file to USB flash drive.

First start

Boot your tablet from generated USB Flash. System will show up. You may need to rotate your desktop in "Display" settings.

Checking autorotate

Autorotate can be checked by running sudo /usr/share/autorotate/ Screen should rotate accordingly. After installation one can add this script to some kind of "autostart".

Checking sound

Stop PulseAudio with pulseaudio -k

Cd to /usr/share/es8316

Run sudo ./ -- it will download and unpacked somehow working UCM files. Since those tablets are crappy -- don't expect sound quality at all. You must repeat the step, when system is installed.

Start PulseAudio with pulseaudio -D. If it fails, you may need to unload (and blacklist after intallation) the snd_hdmi_lpe_audio module.

Sound should work.


There are several options to install the system. Just remember, that you need kernel loaded from internal SSD, not the microSD. Using reFind bootloader may help -- for example one can cut 512 mb for boot partiion on internal SSD and then mount it to /boot. Or, just squeeze Windows 10 and get some space for Mint.

Behind the scenes

What script does

It generates new ISO file with embedding 32bit grub (which is capable of launching 64bit kernel), it adds touchscreen firmware, calibration settings, rotation settings and some scripts.

It also adds much more recent kernel -- check mint-tw52 code for details along with isorespin docs.


Great work for Linux installation investigation can be found here in Russian. Many thanks for 4pda forum members for making it's possible.

Original script for hacking sounds was found here, however I removed module compilation, since kernel 5.5 likely has those patches.


There is absolutely no warranty, that it will work for you.


Linux Mint for crappy Atom Win10 tablets






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