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End-2-End framework for Native & Web Automation using Cucumber-jvm, Appium, Selenium WebDriver, Applitools & ReportPortal


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Use appium-device-farm v8.4.7-rc.8 or later

Use JDK v17 or higher

To Build

./gradlew clean build

What is this repository about?

This repository implements automated tests for Android & iOS apps, specified using cucumber-jvm and intelligently run them against

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Apps
  • Web
  • Electron

Applitools ( Visual AI, and Applitools Ultrafast Grid ( is integrated with this framework, to provide Visual AI testing as part of functional automation.

Reports will be uploaded to, that you would need to setup separately, and provide the server details in src/test/resources/ file or provide the path to the file using this environment variable: REPORT_PORTAL_FILE

Test can run on local browsers / devices, or against any cloud provider, such as HeadSpin, BrowserStack, SauceLabs, pCloudy.

Tech stack used

Additional configurations

Contact Anand Bagmar for help or if you face issues using teswiz