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Kultura Meta Search by
(c) 2011 Zoran Obradović, Mitja Doma, Žiga Kranjec, Luka Frelih
GPL 3.0 applies
Version 0.2

* APIDOC: a json schema for search engine results, using type and property names from
* SCRAPE: a html/json search engine scraper which returns APIDOC compliant results
* SERVER: the metasearch server
** SEARCH: a server which collects results from SCRAPE servers or other APIDOC compliant sources and relays them to CLIENT
** STATIC: a simple http server serving static files for CLIENT, and tunneling between CLIENT and SEARCH
* CLIENT: the web browser client for querying and displaying results from SEARCH

core/ - core server functionality
core/server/ - metasearch server
core/server/server.js - metasearch server module
core/server/lib/ - libraries used by the metasearch server module
core/client/ - the html/css/js client
core/client/index.html - default client html, can be overriden in config
core/client/js/ - client javascript
core/client/js/client.js - main client javascript, loaded from 
core/client/css/ - client css
core/client/css/client - main client css file, loads other core css files and local/static/css/client.css
local/ - local customizations
local/etc/ - local configuration
local/etc/default.conf.js.example -  example configuration file, should be customized and renamed to deafult.conf.js
local/etc/default.conf.js - default configuration file, should not be checked into git
local/static - files that will be served to http requests at /static/*
local/static/css - local css
local/static/css/client.css - main local style, loaded from core/client/css/client.css
local/log/ - log files
local/static/img - local static img files

0.1 - october 2011
* SCRAPE: framework in php - DONE 
* SEARCH: collect and relay searches in nodejs - DONE 
* STATIC: serve 
* CLIENT: list results - DONE

0.5demo - december 2011
* SCRAPE: framework in nodejs
* SCRAPE: paging of results
* SCRAPE: report semantic data
* SCRAPE: mediawiki extension providing a compliant feed
* SEARCH: paging of results
* SEARCH: report semantic data
* CLIENT: initial view
* CLIENT: list view
* CLIENT: image list view
* CLIENT: detail view
* CLIENT: display semantic data
* CLIENT: group by semantic type
* CLIENT: sort by semantic properties

1.0a - june 2012
* SCRAPE: search by semantic properties
* SEARCH: search by semantic properties
* CLIENT: search by semantic properties
* CLIENT: grid view