Plugin for Meteor Up to deploy apps using a custom docker image
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Deploy using a custom Dockerfile.

This plugin is under development and is missing some features

Getting started

Before starting, you should have a Dockerfile in your app's directory.

First, install mup and mup-docker-deploy with:

npm i -g mup mup-docker-deploy

Second, create a config with:

mup init

Open the config, and make the following adjustments:

For each server:

  • host - Usually is the IP Address of the server
  • server authentication - You can use a password or set pem to the path to a private key. If neither are set, it uses ssh-agent

In the app section:

  • name: A unique name, with no spaces
  • path: Path to the app, relative to the config.
  • type: Set to docker-image to let mup know that this plugin will manage the app

Third, setup the server. Mup will install everything needed to run the app. Run:

mup setup

Fourth, deploy the app. Run

mup deploy

Mup will upload your app, build the docker image, and run it.