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All reasonably stable tools

AccessMask - decode access mask for common object types

BgInfo - WPF version of the Sysinternals BgInfo tool

BITSMgr - BITS jobs manager application

CLR Explorer - View .NET process information / dump file

CpuStres - thread/CPU stress testing app

CpuStress v3 - thread/CPU stress testing app

DebugPrint - monitor OutputDebugString/DbgPrint(Ex) calls (no driver needed)

DriverMon - monitor any driver activity

ErrorLookup - error code description for Win32 (GetLastError) and NTSTATUS

ETWExplorer - view ETW XML manifests for registered providers

FSClass - lists the file system filter classes (command line)

GFlagsX - enhanced version of the GFlags tool

INF Studio - view/edit INF files

Kdump64 - generate a local kernel dump (64 bit)

KernelObjectView - View stats of kernel objects and handles in the system

MetroManager - list (and launch) installed Windows Runtime components and apps

MemMapView - view any process memory (including protected and minimal processes)

NtfsStreams - show NTFS alternate streams in files

ObjDir - command line tool to show object manager namespace

ObjExp - Object Explorer, explore objects and handles

PEExplorer - PE file viewer

PEExplorerV2 - PE file viewer version 2.0

PoolMonXv2 - kernel pool memory (version 2)

PdbView - view PDB files

PerfMonX - enhanced Performance Monitor tool

ProcMonX - ProcMon-like tool based on Event Tracing for Windows (ETW)

ProcMonX v2 - Enhanced ProcMon-like tool based on Event Tracing for Windows (ETW)

QSlice - modern version of the classic QSlice tool

QSliceX - pie chart graphics for QSlice

Quick Assembler ( - simple x86/x64 assembler and emulator

Sysrun - run any executable with the SYSTEM account (no service needed)

System Explorer - system, processes, threads, objects, handles, and other information - all in one tool

Total PE - Yet another PE viewer (WIP)

TotalReg - Total Registry - view/edit real Registry, undo/redo, and much more.

WindowTitleEx - Show HWND, TID, PID on windows. Revert with included tray icon

WinSpy - show windows and monitor messages. A WIP alternative to Spy++.

winsta - Show current session's window stations, desktops and top level visible windows (with non-empty titles)

WFP Explorer - Windows Filtering Platform Explorer

XCalculator (XCalc) - simple calculator supporting variables and functions