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import click
from frozen import _upload_frozen
from nyaa import upload_torrent
from anidex import upload_file as anidex_upload_file
import formic
from utils import get_conf
import os
def cli():
<:3 )~~~ Fansub rilis tool
@click.option("--images", '-i', multiple=True)
def frozen(torrent, episode, anime_slug, images):
Subir a frozen, recuerda usar comillas en windows para parametros
Recuerda que seria frozen "file.torrent" 560 "anime_slug"
Donde anime_slug es "cardcaptor-sakura-clean-card-hen" de la url
_upload_frozen(torrent, anime_slug, episode, images)
@click.option("--subcat_id", default=1)
@click.option("--lang_id", default=29)
@click.option("--torrent_name", default="")
def anidex(file, subcat_id, lang_id, torrent_name):
Subir a anidex, por default subcat_id=1 lang_id=29
params = get_conf("anidex")
if not torrent_name:
name = os.path.basename(file).replace(".torrent", "")
params.update({'torrent_name': name})
success, resp = anidex_upload_file(file, subcat_id=subcat_id,
lang_id=lang_id, **params)
if success:
click.secho("anidex success {}".format(resp), fg="blue")
click.secho("anidex FAILED {}".format(resp), fg="red")
def nyaa(file):
""" upload torrent files to NYAA """
def stain(ctx, file, episode, anime_slug):
Sube un torrent a nyaa, anidex y frozen
ctx.invoke(nyaa, file=file)
ctx.invoke(anidex, file=file)
ctx.invoke(frozen, torrent=file, episode=episode, anime_slug=anime_slug)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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