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alt uWebKit

Download uWebKit 3 Beta Package

Getting Started

Please see

alt text

What is uWebKit3?

A robust and easy way to add HTML5 web content to your PC/Mac application.

How much does it cost?

uWebKit3 is currently in open beta, pricing information is available at

Unity Forums Discussion Thread

Please use this Unity forum thread for uWebKit discussion

uWebKit3 Features

  • Excellent integration with the Unity3D editor including simple deployment

  • Example scenes and prefabs, Multitab Browser, 2D WebGUI, 3D WebTexture, Javascript Messaging, etc

  • Support for many HTML5 web standards including content and cookie caching, CSS3, video, and local storage

  • Powerful, easy to use WebView component

  • Javascript: evaluation with return values, bidirectional messaging using JSON, persistent Javascript Objects

  • HTTPS support for secure connections

  • Full C# script source (Native C++ source code available under uWebKit Pro Source License)

  • Windows/Mac platforms

  • High performance renderers, Direct3D9/11 on Windows and OpenGL on Mac

  • Web rendering implemented as a subprocess, keeps your application memory space clean with ability to restart the web process on demand

  • Built with Chromium Embedded Framework

  • No nonsense binary and source licensing

uWebKit Pro Source Code License

If you're interested in a uWebKit3 native C++ source license, which allows source customization and redistribution of modified binaries please contact


Please report issues with uWebKit using the GitHub Issue Tracker

uWebKit is (C) 2011-2016 THUNDERBEAST GAMES, LLC