Vim plugin which allows you to perform searches on directly from vim.
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This plugin allows you to perform searches on directly from vim.


You can trigger a search from normal mode in which case it will pick the word under the cursor or you can trigger it from visual mode which will search for the selection.

The built in mapping is:

leader ciu

You can also use command mode:

:Caniuse border-radius


You can disable this mapping by setting adding this to your .vimrc:

let g:caniuse_no_mappings = 1

If you want to setup your own key mappings use the following:

Mapping Description
<Plug>Ncaniuse For normal mode (uses the word under the cursor)
<Plug>Vcaniuse  For visual mode (uses the selection)

For example:

:nmap <leader>foo <Plug>Ncaniuse
:vmap <leader>foo <Plug>Vcaniuse

Note: Using :noremap will not work with mappings.


The plugin should work out of the box on most systems, but opening a URL in your web browser requires an external program. The plugin will do it's best to find the built in command on your system. On Linux it assumes that you have xdg-open which is installed by default on most distributions (it's part of the xdg-utils package in case you happen to not have it).

If the plugin fails to find the right command or you want to use another one you can specify the command in your .vimrc file:

  let g:caniuse_browser_command = 'open'

The command you put here will be called with the URL as a parameter.