[WIP] Xcode extension - quickly change access control level (public, private etc.) of selected Swift code by menu bar or keyboard command
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Xcode extension to change the access control level of Swift code selection


  • Change or remove access control level of the currently selected Swift code
  • Supports public, private, fileprivate, internal and removing any annotation.

Demo of changing access level


  • It’s not particularly smart, so for example it doesn’t know if a function can’t be made public because it relies on an internal type. And it certainly doesn’t know about anything going on in any other file.
  • It also doesn’t support open or final for the moment, mostly because it’s a bit more work and just ship it already, and partly because I sort of feel those notations should require a bit more forethought when planning a framework.

To install:

I'll get it on the Mac app store once I've used it for a while longer. In the meantime:

  • Download the Xcode project
  • Archive the Mac app target
  • Export the created archive using the option Export App without resigning to use locally
  • Launch the app
  • The extension will now be available in System Preferences, under the Extensions pane, listed as an Xcode Source Editor extension. Activate!
  • After an Xcode restart, find it under the Editor menu - it only works on selected Swift code
  • For even more radness, you can bind keyboard shortcuts to the menu commands

If you find a bug:

  • Did I forget to parse a keyword? Something even more annoying? Please create an issue or get in touch on twitter: @zoejessica