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cat, beach

We all loooove our work right? Especially the ones, who code, don't leave their work behind when leaving the office! We are still thinking about our application logic, while we are at the gym. If the new algorithm will improve the systems performance during dinner. Discussing who to improve the UX of our application with our friends over drinks.

Many of us are so blessed, that works doesn't even feel like work! So we don't event realize how much extra hours we put in our work and projects.

How many of you know, how much vacation days they still have for this year? When was your last vacation at all!?

We all need a good "life-work-balance", but organizing it takes so much time, we could spend with so much other great stuff!

This whole process... Checking how many days are still available, then checking where to go... When... if your family can join? If you can afford it.

This is the reason, we've developed "just relax".

It shows you how many working and vacation days are still left, remindes you, if it's totally time for a vacation and saves your preferences! So you can check out your new vacation location with just one click!

And this is how it works...