🔎 Canvas web game with sound effects
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Made in MC Lab - for those sleepless nigths @jw4js

[ Game Rule ]

Double click to confirm the area. If correct, enter the next level.

There are only four levels, if memory serves.

[ Troubles we ran into ]

  • Scale properly on diff screen sizes
  • Change game levels, i.e change the game background
  • Hide the game background, avoid smart users open console and see complete background images

[ Original idea ]

  • users with diff devices select the correct area of Waldo's face, use ratio, ori_wal_face / ori_back_img = usr_image / usr_device_size; then.... firefox doesn't support this. // I strongly suspect it's b.c. my brother closed his js on browser =.= ....

[ Changed ]

  • classic front-end - solved by Canvas
  • css
  • backend magic (;

[ Improvement ] // Todo that never happens Orz

  • seems like a good place to put the never-will-happen-TODOs
  • opening scene and player guides
  • transition animations among levels
  • ending hints
  • timer and scores counter
  • more background music
  • .....
  • more time and love