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ToxPhone 2.0

The Worlds First Hardware ToxPhone with Video

see ToxPhone 1.0 (the original version) here



Component Price [€]
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 34.90
Raspberry Pi Universal Power Supply 18.00
Samsung Micro SD Card 16GB 15.00
Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 28.00
Flexcable 30 cm for Raspberry Pi Camera 5.00
USB Sound Device DA-70772 10.00
3D printed parts 6.18
Matrix Keyboard 7.00
Screws, Tape, etc. 8.00
Raspberry Pi CPU cooler 5.00

Sum 137.08


ToxBlinkenwall is all you need to transform your Raspberry Pi into a fully end-to-end encrypted 2 way Video Phone

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it seems there was someone else already building a ToxPhone, and i did't know about it

if you are looking for the Software also called ToxPhone, see