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Indieweb style read support
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Read for Known

Adds support for publishing a log of what you are reading to the Known CMS. To install, simply clone this repository to your IdnoPlugins subdirectory of your Known installation, using the directory name Read, and enable the plugin.

This is currently using a of the ISBN to If you don't want that or want to use your own Amazon affiliates link (or something else) change or remove it in templates/default/entity/Read.tpl.php Read more about read posts:

Based on


  • Put link support in plugin (move isbn.php into plugin)
  • Add POSSE for Goodreads
    • Or write it using API (looks like this is the better option, as it is more flexible. For example it will allow for the ability to mark progress, etc. Just a lot more work.)
  • Format (Not sure on the best option)
    • Add u-in-reply-to linking the finished with to-read, reading
    • Create a custom page that groups all the states for each book together
  • Clean up big bad if...elseif for $readState
  • Add if statement for link, only put in link if ISBN has a value.


  • Add Author variable
  • Add ISBN variable
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