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* Licensed by AT&T under 'Software Development Kit Tools Agreement.' 2012
* Copyright 2012 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved.
* For more information contact<>
AT&T API Platform Samples - SpeechToText app 1
This file describes how to set-up, configure and run the PHP Applications
using AT&T API Platform services.
It covers all steps required to register the application on DevConnect and,
based on the generated API keys and secrets, create and run one's own
full-fledged sample applications.
1. Configuration
2. Installation
3. Parameters
1. Configuration
Configuration consists of a few steps necessary to get an application
registered on DevConnect with the proper services and
endpoints, depending on the type of client-side application
To register an application, go to and login
with your valid username and password.
Next, choose "My Apps" from the bar at the top of the page and click the
"Setup a New Application" button.
Fill in the form, in particular all fields marked as "required".
Having your application registered, you will get back an important pair of
data: an API key and Secret key. They are
necessary to get your applications working with the AT&T API Platform. See
'Adjusting parameters' below to learn how to use
these keys.
Initially your newly registered application is restricted to the "Sandbox"
environment only. To move it to production,
you may promote it by clicking the "Promote to production" button. Notice
that you will get a different API key and secret,
so these values in your application should be adjusted accordingly.
Depending on the kind of authentication used, an application may be based on
either the Autonomous Client or the Web-Server
Client OAuth flow (see or
2. Installation
** Requirements
Apache web server
PHP 5.2+
Apache and PHP configured, on most Linux systems if installed using packages
this will be done automatically.
Copy the sample application folder to Apache web root folder, for example
3. Parameters
Each sample application contains a config.php file. It holds configurable
parameters described in an easy to read format.
Please populate the following parameters in config.php as specified
1) api_key : {set the value as per your registered application
'API key' field value}
2) secret_key : {set the value as per your registered application
'Secret key' field value}
3) FQDN :
Note: You must update parameters 1-2 after you promote your application
from 'Sandbox' environment to 'Production' environment.
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