Modified httpfs2, odd HTTP server bug fix
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buildroot disable multithreading for buildroot static build Nov 11, 2017
debian mercurial snapshot from sourceforge's code as of today Dec 21, 2016
Makefile bugfix Oct 23, 2017 readme Oct 28, 2017
configure bugfix Oct 23, 2017
httpfs2.c move after usage Nov 11, 2017


Modified version of http filesystem (httpfs2 as downloaded on December 2016), with added support for MD5 checking and caching data in local file.

Developed for Slax

Author of patches: mike621 (freelancer from Russian Federation)

Sponsor (paid for the modifications): Tomas M via

It is possible to compile this statically against uclibc with buildroot. If you use this to mount root filesystem over http, you may also need to patch uclibc's open_config function to never reopen /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf, etc ... because reopening those on reconnection while the root filesystem is mounted will cause lock if those files are not yet cached by the kernel.