Deployment: Vagrant + AWS Provider + Ansible
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Deployment: Vagrant + AWS Provider + Ansible



  • Launch an AWS EC2 Ubuntu instance custom.
  • Upgrade and the reboot OS.
  • Compile and install "Nginx" + "Ngx Pagespeed" from the source.
  • Provision the instance with basic configuration for mongodb and supervisor
  • Install virtualenvwrapper


  1. Add your AWS access key ID and your AWS secret access key in settings_aws.rb
  2. In EC2 Dashboard create the keypair for instance and download in your computer and then add the name and path to keypair in your computer
  3. Search your AMI preference in Ubuntu Amazon EC2 AMI Finder
  4. Edit region and type instance in settings_aws.rb
  5. Edit the volume size in settings_aws.rb
  6. Set the volume type in settings_aws.rb

Ansible configuration

  1. Edit hostname in the playbook.yml file located in the /ansible/ directory
  2. Add your domain in playbook.yml file
  3. Edit the name directory of webapp
  4. If your prefer edit the path storage for the virtualenvs in the playbook.yml file

Quick Start

  1. Edit configuration in the settings_aws file
  2. Edit configuration for ansible provisioning in the playbook.yml file
  3. Run vagrant instance:
$ vagrant up --provider=aws




"Deployment: Vagrant + AWS Provider + Ansible" is available under MIT License.

Author Information

Daniel Lopez Monagas