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rake PDD status Gem Version Test Coverage License Hits-of-Code

Here is the White Paper.

Join our Telegram group to discuss it all live.

This small Ruby Gem calculates the score for Zold nodes. The idea of the "score" is explained in the White Paper. To get a better understanding of it you may want to read our blog.

To calculate a new Score you create an object first:

score =
  host: '',
  port: 4096,
  invoice: 'MYPREFIX@ffffffffffffffff',
  strength: 6

This score has zero value and the strength of six. Then you just ask it to calculate the next score:

n =

That's it.

This project is actively used in our main Ruby repo.

How to contribute

Read these guidelines. Make sure you build is green before you contribute your pull request. You will need to have Ruby 2.3+ and Bundler installed. Then:

$ bundle update
$ bundle exec rake

If it's clean and you don't see any error messages, submit your pull request.