Groundhog Usenet Reader - NNTP News reader originally developed by Juanjo Alvarez
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Fork of Groundhog News Reader

NNTP news reader for Android originally developed by Juanjo Alvarez.

URL of the original project page on Launchpad:

Project is still in the process of cleanup. James Apache Mime4J fork was moved to a separate project:

Quick Start

In order to build and deploy the application, you need to have Maven ( as well as Android SDK ( installed and configured on your system.

If not told otherwise, all commands have to be issued from the project's root directory.

  1. Set ANDROID_HOME environment variable to point to the root directory of your Android SDK installation

    export ANDROID_HOME=/path_to_your_android_sdk_install
  2. Build project

    mvn install
  3. Deploy project to the connected phone

    mvn android:deploy