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Added functions to remove skills/jobs

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1 parent 6d71525 commit 19af267a856dfcd963e645eef436e3ab180f53a2 @zolrath committed Sep 15, 2011
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  1. +9 −0 src/andrew_site/models/db.clj
9 src/andrew_site/models/db.clj
@@ -34,9 +34,18 @@
(defn add-lesser-skill [skill]
(insert! :skills {:level "lesser" :skill skill}))
+(defn remove-skill [name]
+ (let [skill (fetch-one :skills :where {:skill name})]
+ (destroy! :skills skill)))
(defn add-job [{:keys [name start-year end-year url description]}]
(insert! :jobs {:name name :start-year start-year :end-year end-year :url url :description description}))
+(defn remove-job [name]
+ (let [job (fetch-one :jobs :where {:name name})]
+ (destroy! :jobs job)))
(defn jobs []
(fetch :jobs))

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