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# General Dotfiles
-### Installation
-git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
-cd ~/.dotfiles
+## Installation
+`git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles`
### Rake Tasks
When starting from scratch, to install oh-my-zsh, homebrew, and link the dotfiles run:
-rake dot:init
+`cd ~/.dotfiles`
+`rake dot:init`
You can do each step individually via:
-rake dot:zsh
-rake dot:brew
-rake dot:link
+`rake dot:zsh`
+`rake dot:brew`
+`rake dot:link`
+### Secrets File
+After pulling run
+`git update-index --assume-unchanged secrets`
+to ensure your real git/github information is not added to the repository.
+Then modify the file to set up your git/github account information.

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