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Vundle is a short cut for Vimbundle and is a small plugin for managing Vim plugins.


Vundle can:

  • automatically install vim script (aka bundle)
  • manage runtime path of your installed scripts so you don't have to
  • disable/enable bundles by commenting/uncommenting configured Bundle(requires reload)
  • NEW: search all available vim scripts by name

Vundle takes advantage of in order to install/search all available vim scripts


  1. Setup Vundle:

    git clone ~/.vim/vundle.git
  2. Configure bundles:

    Add to your ~/.vimrc:

    set rtp+=~/.vim/vundle.git/ 
    call vundle#rc()
    " My bundles
    Bundle "L9"
    Bundle "FuzzyFinder"
    Bundle "rails.vim"
    Bundle "ack.vim"
    Bundle "git://"
    " check for more
  3. Install configured bundles:

    Launch vim and run :BundleInstall.

    Or from command line:

    $ vim  -e -c 'BundleInstall' -c 'q'

    triggers Git clone for each configured repo to ~/.vim/bundle/.

    See gmarik's vimrc for working example.


:BundleSearch foo

Will split new window with results:

Bundle "VimFootnotes"
Bundle "foo.vim"

So you can just copy one you need to you .vimrc

Inspiration and ideas from


Vundle is a work in progress so any ideas/patches appreciated

  • tests
  • allow specify revision/version?
  • activate newly added bundles on .vimrc reload
  • search by description aswell
  • show descrption in search results
  • use location list/quick fix list for search results
  • make it rock!
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