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Commits on Apr 2, 2012
  1. Add man page

    Add initial pass at a proper man page.
  2. Move configuration to /usr/local/etc/

    Both the more correct place to have the configuration file and it adds
    compatibility for homebrew on OS X.
Commits on Mar 31, 2012
  1. Add header image to README

Commits on Mar 29, 2012
  1. wemux users now works on old versions of tmux

    tmux 1.5 is still being distributed with many package managers and it turns out
    the formatting options for list-clients were added in 1.6. Removed usage of
    formatting options, getting correct columns with cut instead.
  2. Wrap wemux client help line for no args.

    The help line for no args was somewhere over 100 characters long, breaking
    the 80 character rule by quite a large margin.
  3. Improve wemux join examples.

  4. Change default session name from host to wemux.

    Considering the other naming convention changes this makes a bit more sense.
  5. Kill proper server during named wemux stop command

    wemux was killing the currently selected server as the $wemux prefix is not
    rebuilt during the stop command.
  6. Join and Stop accept session number from List.

    `wemux list` outputs a list of all running sessions prefixed with a number.
    `wemux join` and `wemux stop` can now be invoked with this number.
    `wemux join 3` or `wemux j 3` would join the third server on the list.
    `wemux stop` can now be passed either the number, or the session name.
    If no argument is passed it will default to stopping the current session.
Commits on Mar 28, 2012
  1. Add additional information about host_list

    Ensure that readers understand that host_list is for users who should be
    wemux hosts to reduce possible hostname confusion.
  2. Fix typos, keep csagan as user, not a host.

    csagan was used as example of another user in many locations, didn't want
    readers to get confused and believe that they should add all wemux users to the
  3. Indent user list and session list output.

    Also change `wemux join` example to highlight ability to enter multi-word
    session names and have them made into a sanitized session name.
  4. Add wemux kick command to kick an SSH user.

    `wemux kick <username>` will find a users sshd pid and kill the the sshd process.
    It will also kill any tmux sessions ending with '-username'.
    It doesn't stop users from simply SSHing in again, but it's something!
  5. Change wemux name to wemux join

    Now that wemux can list users `wemux name` could be mistaken as
    changing your wemux username. Changed to `wemux join`
  6. Set session changing back off by default again.

    Accidentally reverted default value to "true" during hostname -> session conversion.
Commits on Mar 27, 2012
  1. Closes #2. Change terminology: hostname = session

    To reduce confusion, changing to a different hostname is now changing to a
    different wemux session.
  2. Closes #1. User list now works on Linux machines.

    stat takes different arguments on OS X than it does on most Linux installations.
    stat -f%Su for OS X, stat -c%U for Linux.
  3. Change $USER to whoami to prevent false hosts.

    User could modify the $USER environment variable to use wemux as a known
  4. Only rewrite .wemux_last_host if file is dirty.

    Constantly rewriting the file due to wemux status_user calls is needless and
    was causing various issues such as occasionally creating a blank file.
Commits on Mar 26, 2012
  1. User list returns proper result with no server.

    Also changes the format slightly to include hostname information for
    wemux installs with multi-user host mode enabled.
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