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relet commented Apr 25, 2012

Once I add my user to the host list, the wemux script will only accept host options. Thus, I am no longer able to join a session in rogue mode.
I would like to share some sessions with other terminals or machines from where I am logged in, and keep some separate.

zolrath commented Apr 28, 2012

Can you go into further detail on the separate sessions requirements?
As-is as a host you can still make a new-session from within tmux and switch between them as the same user, but wemux keeps the hosts primary wemux session standard to ensure the clients can connect properly.


I'm not sure what the original poster was exactly asking, but if I read it right I ran into an example tonight. I have a box with a few users kermit, fozzie, and beaker. The user beaker is a monitoring account that is shared by several developers, basically it's "root without root privs", and it runs several things (top, tail -f of various logs etc) in a wemux screen ... as well as having shells open for when you're doing general debugging.

As long as I don't want fozzie or kermit to also be able to host sessions I'm okay, but as it stands unless I edit the wemux.conf file to add and remove host status from those accounts I cannot set up any shared sessions from them. This means I can't do ad-hoc pairing unless I route it through the beaker account which may not always be desirable.

relet commented Jun 11, 2012

Sorry, I missed the first reply. Perigrin described it pretty accurately.

kayila commented Mar 27, 2013

Is there any progress on this? I just ran into the same problem with a slightly different scenario.

I'm trying to use one tmux(wemux) session on a server, but I want to get two putty windows working (one for each monitor) and each connect to the same session but open different windows in it, therefore I need to use rogue mode. Since I'm a host, I can't seem to connect to anything other than myself in pair mode. This has actually caused me to switch to tmx for a while. If this could be fixed, wemux seems like an awesome option for me!

kayila commented Mar 27, 2013

Well.. Looking through the closed bugs, I just found the answer to my problem... apparently it's "wemux client"

zolrath commented Apr 28, 2013

I'll add notes about this to the readme, sorry for not already including it!

@zolrath zolrath closed this Apr 28, 2013
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