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wemux allows you to start hosting a multi-user tmux server using the command wemux.

Clients (generally someone SSHed into another account on the host machine) have the option of:

Mirroring, gives clients read-only access to the session, allowing them to see you work,

Pairing allows the client and yourself to work in the same terminal (shared cursor),

Going Rogue, allows them to work in the same window (shared cursor) or independently in another window (separate cursors).

Follow the Installation Instructions to get wemux running.

List of Host Commands.

List of Client Commands.

There are three different ways to List Users.

To enable Multi Host Capabilities, set allow_server_change="true" in /etc/wemux.conf

How to duplicate the Status Line of the left example in the header image.

To have SSH Clients Automatically start in wemux see Automatic SSH Client Modes