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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<title>HTML5 &lt;progress&gt; polyfill by Lea Verou</title>
<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<link href="progress-polyfill.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<h1>HTML5 &lt;progress&gt; polyfill</h1>
<h2><a href="">by Lea Verou</a> &bull; <a href="">Story</a> &bull; <a href="">Github</a></h2>
<progress max="100"></progress>
<label for="progress1">Progress: 0%</label>
<progress max="10" value="0" id="progress1"></progress>
<label for="progress2">Progress: .5 of 0</label>
<progress max="0" value="0.5" id="progress2"></progress>
<label for="progress3">Progress: 100%</label>
<progress max="3254" value="3254" id="progress3"></progress>
<label>Progress: 75%
<progress max="0.8" value="0.6"></progress>
<li>Accessible (WAI-ARIA-enabled)</li>
<li>Supports getting (and setting, when allowed by the spec) all the IDL attributes defined in the specification (value, max, position, labels), through ES5 getters and setters</li>
<li>Supoorts setting both max and value attributes, through mutation events</li>
<li>Will fix new progress elements as well, through mutation events</li>
<li>No extra HTML elements needed and none added through script</li>
<h2>Browser support</h2>
<p>The progress element is natively supported in: Firefox 6+, Opera 11+, Chrome, Safari 5.1</p>
<p>This polyfill adds almost full support in: Firefox 3.5-5, Opera 10.5-10.63, IE9-10</p>
<p>This polyfill adds partial support in: IE8</p>
<p>Supporting Safari 5 was impossible, as it completely drops the progress tags and gives you an error</p>
<h2>How to use</h2>
<p>Just add <code>progress-polyfill.css</code> in the head section and <code>progress-polyfill.js</code> near the body closing tag.
<h2>Unit tests</h2>
<p style="display:none">
<label><progress max="0.8" value="0.6" id="progress4"></progress></label>
<label for="progress4">Test label for progress4</label>
<progress max="100" id="progress0"></progress>
<progress max="0" id="progress5"></progress>
<div id="unit-test-results"></div>
<script src="progress-polyfill.js"></script>
<script src="tests.js"></script>