A JavaScript library that allows cropping of images using non-rectangular shapes.
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polyClip 2.1 by Zoltan Hawryluk

Allows cross-browser, non-rectangular cropping and masking 
of images. Can also be used in animationed image masking.  Works in
all modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera) as well as
Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher.

More info is available on these blog posts:

- Clipping JPEG Images Into Non-Rectangular Polygons Using polyClip.js

- Cross-Browser Animated Image Masking (Even in IE) Using polyClip.js

- Clicking Through Clipped Images Using CSS Pointer Events,
  SVG Paths and VML
Released under the MIT license.

@requires jQuery http://jquery.org

For animations, it is recommended to use Silk.js if you want GPU accelerated
animations (included with the polyClip package available at:

For animations that require transformations (i.e. scaling, rotations, etc),
it is necessary to use sylvester.js (also included with the polyClip package).
The most up-to-date version of sylvester is available at