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Ember.js Octane Tutorial - Demo Application

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This is the original repository of the Library App.

For detailed, step by step implementation click here: Ember tutorial

Live demo:

How can you run this application locally?

I assume, you have Node.js on your computer. Node.js installation

  • Please create an app on Firebase first. You can register there with one click and create a new app. You have to setup this app name in config/environment.js. (This will be your own cloud based database.)

  • Clone this repository in your project folder

$ git clone
  • Change to the application directory
$ cd library-app
  • Install node packages
$ npm install
  • Copy .env-sample file and save as .env. Update the API_KEY and PROJECT_ID.
  • Launch the application with Ember server.
$ ember server
  • Open the application in your browser
$ open http://localhost:4200 - The Ember.js Tutorial