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Frappuccino CFW


This is a fork of Mocha CFW by Dimok. This CFW is ment to be for more complex users, and will have more features and further support. As well as some additions from redNAND and other homebrew.

Based on "0.2" of Mocha CFW.


Mocha Features (Already included)

  • fw.img for redNAND support. But, is optional as a custom firmware.
  • sysNAND or redNAND patching in one application, selected/saved in the settings.
  • SEEPROM redirection to/from SD card.
  • OTP redirection from SD card for a custom launch image; upon load of the custom firmware if it exists on sd card (sd:/wiiu/apps/mocha/launch_image.tga)

Frappuccino Features

  • More system modifications (Block System Menu Updates, and will include some code from Haxchi.)
  • System Update blocking (Will use WoomInstaller or NNU)
  • Automatic updates for the CFW Application (Updates the Homebrew only, not you CFW.)
  • Allow the ability to launch Loadiine directly from the system menu (As a channel)
  • Inject Saves as well as Mods into RAM.

DO KEEP IN MIND: This software is based off of Dimoks Mocha CFW; I take no credit for his work. This software is not finished, and is still actively being worked on!


This software is licensed under the Open GNU GPL v3 license agreement. A copy of the license is on Github.

@Dimok for his work on Mocha @FIX94 @vmgoose And other users such as the redNAND Team and many others.