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Helicopter game template
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An simple combat helicopter game template in HTML5, created for the Fall 2016 class of CIS 580 at Kansas State University.


The source code in the src directory is bundled into a single file using Browserify. The Browserify tools must first be installed on your system:

$ npm install -g browserify (for OSX and linus users, you may need to preface this command with sudo)

Once installed, you can bundle the current source with the command:

$ browserify src/app.js -o bundle.js

Remember, the browser must be refreshed to receive the changed javascript file.


You may prefer to instead watch the files for changes using Watchify. This works very similarily to Browserify. It first must be installed:

$ npm install -g watchify (again, sudo may need to be used on linux and OSX platforms)

Then run the command:

watchify src/app.js -o bundle.js

The bundle will automatically be re-created every time you change a source file. However, you still need to refresh your browser for the changed bundle to take effect.


Game framework HTML5/CSS3/Javascript code was written by course instructor Nathan Bean, and released under the CC-A-SA 3.0 License

Helicopter and background art assets also created by course instructor Nathan Bean, and released under CC-A-SA 3.0 License

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