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Attract Mode 5:4 Layout (theme) based on MasterSystem style
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Hello MarsterSystem

Attract Mode Theme

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version 1.0

A layout based on the original Master System experience. The layout uses the Conveyor navigation system and provides a minimal amount of optional parameters to customise your experience.

The layout code should be fairly straight forward to follow if your a newbie to Squirrel programming language and Attract Mode theme/layout building. Even if you do not want to do anything with the code then you can use your own assets to change things up such as telling the them to use 3dboxes as shown in the video showcase or swap out a similar image in the parts folder.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Assets (Emulator Configuration)

Attract Mode has default asset names which include snap, marquee, flyer, etc... Since this theme will draw upon more than what is already setup by default then you will need to provide attract mode with these additional asset references.

logo - This is the transparent logo above the video snap

box - This referes to the box images which untilise a 3d style (emumovies)

snap - The video or in game snap

Special Folder: posters

Putting an image file into this folder will allow the poster in the layout to change. Please make sure that there is always at least 2 images in this folder otherwise there may be an error. See existing files as a template to the size requirements (746 x 1019).

Of course this is just a guide and should you want to modify any of these settings or pull in alternative types of images then this can be easily done from the layout.nut file contained within this directory.


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