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0.7 is a huge technical milestone for gg: most interactions with Git are now going through a comprehensively tested Go library instead of constructing command-line arguments ad-hoc. This means more input validation and less surface area for bugs.

gg 0.7 drops support for Git 2.7.4: 2.11.0 is now the earliest supported version of Git.

(The release scripts for 0.7.0 failed, so 0.7.1 is the first actual release of 0.7.)


  • New command: identify to get the current commit hash. (#94)
  • commit uses a Mercurial-like commit message template when the editor is invoked.
  • pull now pulls all refs from the remote instead of just one. (#87)
  • The update command has been overhauled to be even closer to Mercurial semantics. update now uses "merge" behavior all the time (#93) and will fast-forward before switching the working copy to a new branch.
  • update now has a --clean flag (#92)
  • mail now accepts comma-separated reviewers in -R flag. (#83)
  • gerrithook now caches the hook script it downloads. (#61)

Bug Fixes

  • As mentioned in the introduction, most interactions with the Git subprocess go through a high-level API now to reduce escaping issues. This should make gg more architecturally robust.
  • Previous versions of gg would never send SIGTERM correctly to its Git subprocess on receiving an interrupt, instead just waiting for the command to finish. This has been fixed.
  • backout now correctly attaches stdin to the editor. (#85)
  • push now correctly consults the fetch URL when evaluating whether a push would result in a creation. (#75)
  • gg now escapes pathspec characters on an as-needed basis, which should reduce most of the confusing error messages bubbled up from Git. (#57)
  • update now uses more Mercurial-like logic for updating branches, correcting surprising behavior when pulling from fork branches. (#80)
  • update now correctly merges the local state when given a branch name instead of exiting. (#76)
  • commit no longer tries to commit untracked files when given a directory argument. (#74)
  • gerrithook now respects the core.hooksPath configuration setting. (#89)

Known Issues

One of the known issues in 0.6 is still present in 0.7:

  • revert does not produce errors if you pass it unknown files. (#58). This may be confusing, but does not negatively affect your data.
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