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@zombiezen zombiezen released this 27 Mar 18:33
· 7 commits to main since this release

Version 1.2.0 adds a sqlitex.Pool.Take method and improves error messages.


  • sqlitex.Pool has a new method Take which returns an error along with a Conn (#83).
  • sqlite.ErrorOffset is a new function that returns the SQL byte offset that an error references.


  • sqlite.Conn.Prep, sqlite.Conn.Prepare, and sqlite.Conn.PrepareTransient now include position information in error messages if available.
  • Many error messages around statement execution changed their format for better readability. Error messages are not stable API and should not be depended on.


  • The sqlitex.Pool.Get method has been deprecated in favor of the new Take method.


  • Error messages no longer duplicate information from their error code (reported in #84).