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My entry for the 31st Ludum Dare 48-hour game making jam session/competition
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Asteroid Miner

This game was made for the 31st Ludum Dare 48-Hour Game Making Jam/Compo.

It was entirely made with 48 hours!

To play it, you will need to use Love2D (0.9.1).

You can also head over to my entry page to check it out, and possibly get release files instead of just the source!

Game play

The point of the game is to collect the square resources (redder ones are worth less than greener ones), and avoid the asteroids by flying around them or destroying them with your laser cannon.


  • space bar: fire your laser cannon!
  • up: engage your engine for thrust!
  • left: rotate your ship counter-clockwise!
  • right: rotate your ship clockwise!

Resources used that were not made explicitly within the 48-hour timeframe:

A note about sound

This game does use sound, and does not provide anyway of disabling it, sorry! You'll need to mute your headphones/speakers if you wish to not hear any sounds while you play.

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